The oldest form of dance that celebrates the grace and elegance that is Ballet. It incorporates technically demanding movement that strengthens the core, legs arms and feet. It is the foundation that supports all other forms of dance and is recommended for every student. Students who train in Ballet from an early age are able […]


With its roots in African rhythms and Celtic step dance, tap is a fun dance form that teaches physical co-ordination, musical understanding and theatrical presentation. Classes are offered for ages 5 years and up. Register For ClassesCourse Schedule


A stylized form of dance that is fast paced and uses both technique based movement (Ballet and Contemporary) as well as elements of Hip Hop styles. Strength, flexibility and stamina are required to succeed at upper levels of this genre. Offered to students aged 7 and up.  Register For ClassesCourse Schedule


A freer form of dance that uses collision of opposites such as contraction and release as well as fall and recovery. Students must have some dance experience and be at least 10 years of age to consider studying this style. Register For ClassesCourse Schedule