Tiny Treasures

tiny treasures

12 week sessions beginning Sept. 13, Jan. 3 and April 4 for 2 year olds
Your little one will delight in a magical world of enchantment. With 3 classes to choose from,
children will be transported through storytelling and captivating sensory enriched classes.


Foundations of Ballet technique mixed with creative movement and engaging playful exercises. This is where children fall in love with the magic and beauty of Ballet.


Children are lovingly guided to make sounds and discover the captivating art of Tap. The wonderment of making rhythmic sounds with the feet is an experience that ignites a sense of creativity.


A safe and energetic class where your little one will discover the joy of tumbling. Children take pleasure in exploring shapes and discovering how many ways they can move their bodies. This gentle introduction is a popular class for our beloved 2 yr olds.