Akimbo Advantage

We pride ourselves on small class sizes giving the student more one on one time with instructors which is beneficial for the learning experience. Classes help to increase flexibility, improve circulation, develop and tone the muscles. They also help to improve posture (especially Ballet), balance and coordination. We challenge the student to focus and concentrate on material taught; which also enriches learning through a variety of perspectives, both traditional and experimental. Students are encouraged to set goals while our instructors help them to succeed.

Dance is an Aesthetic experience. It awakens the consciousness of beauty, lending new meaning to movement and form. Dance can be a cultural experience as well. It increases the understanding

of choices and rituals from a broad range of historical, social and cultural perspectives. It gives the student an overall appreciation for all forms of dance.

We promote understanding, cooperation, respect and consideration of others. We encourage mutual teamwork in a fun and open environment. Although dance is a fun way to exercise it too is an art form whereby creativity and expression engages both mind and body. Students of Akimbo:

  • Are given the opportunity to perceive and communicate self-expression (who they are).
  • Learn a body of knowledge rather than simply mimicking an instructors movement.
  • Are provided with experiences that will enhance their physical, mental and emotional development simply because of the amazing instructors who have so much to offer your child.

Instructors at Akimbo are of a high calibre. They are caring, educated and experienced individuals who teach with respect, integrity and passion. Instructors help students to develop self-confidence and self-esteem in a stimulating and supportive environment.

Akimbo prides itself on bringing original and innovative ideas to the classroom  which inspire the students to be creative. Opportunity for class observation through the viewing gallery. Exceptional and professional year-end recitals.


The younger student also can benefit greatly from having dance as part of their education. Akimbo Dance Studios provides avenues of exploration, discovery and the development of natural instincts for movement. The structure of these classes is geared toward enhancing motor skills and adapting to their emotional and intellectual needs. Dance gives the child a chance to experience and understand both personal and social perspectives in a stimulating situation. Students are given the opportunity to share and express thoughts and feelings and to empathize with fellow students. Whether the student is 2 years or 40 + years old,whether they are in it to pursue a career or simply studying dance for personal gain, the overall dynamic balance of the physical, emotional and mental aspects will be sustained throughout their entire life.

Photo Courtesy of famousphotos.ca