Akimbo Dance Studios is committed to nurturing students on a journey of self discovery. This journey extends far beyond what is learned in the studio to the importance of developing life skills. The Ambassador Program is an opportunity for dedicated students to give back, not only to their ADS family but to their community at large. Students for this program are hand picked based on their devotion to their training, their eagerness to learn and serve and finally their outgoing personalities.


This unique opportunity is where students learn important skills such as:

  • leadership (mentoring young children, taking on important responsibilities)
  • Communication skills (talking to ADS families in person/over the phone)
  • Organizational skills (creating timelines and schedules)
  • Team work (working together with other Ambassadors, the Director, teachers, students etc)
  • Creative thinking (when planning games or activities)
  • Money management (creating and sticking to a budget)

Ambassador 2022-2023

Blake Nelson
Bri MacNeill