Thom Bell Memorial Scolarship

Once in your life, if you are very lucky, you will meet a certain kind of person. He is not concerned with pride, or vanity, or material wealth. He is humane, kind, and gives to others to the point of harming himself. He will always have money in his pocket (a little bit, because that’s all he’s got) so that he can give it to others less fortunate than he is. To the desperate, the disadvantaged, to the sad and lonely, he is always a friend. He accepts all misfortune with a high heart and great spirit, because he is not and never will be a victim. Just such a person was Thom Bell, who died as he lived: kind, humane, concerned for others, and with a pure, unalloyed joy for life. To him we dedicate this memorial fund, and we offer it to the students who most exemplify those qualities who are in financial need for furthering their dance education.

2019/2020 Scholarship Recipients

Intermediate - Ty Krescy-Johnson

Senior - Gabriella Cattaneo

Director's Choice Award

This is an award given to a student who demonstrates a true passion for performing. A dancer who stands out among the crowd while on stage. This is often the time where they turn into a shining star.

2019 Recipient - Emilia Townsend

Most Improved

This award is a given to a student who, throughout the course of the year, has maintained a strong work ethic and overcome obstacles to constantly strive to improve, week in week out. This student becomes the example to be set for fellow classmates.

2019 Recipient - Audrey Simcoe