Level 1: little or no experience            Level 2: some experience required

Preschool 3 -4 yrs

Junior 5 + years

Youth 8 + years

Teen 11 + years 


Acrobatic Dance, or acro as it is commonly referred to by dancers and dance professionals, is the beautiful fusion of classic dance technique and the

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Combo Classes

These classes are designed to give students a taste of two styles of dance; Tap and Jazz. Elements of each genre are taught within the

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This is a story telling style of dance that incorporates classical technique but is faster paced than Ballet. It explores the beauty of fluidity, gesture

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Dance for Tots

This program is designed for our youngest of students (aged 2). Toddlers will benefit greatly from having dance as part of their weekly activities. We provide

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Students who train at a high level in all styles of dance may be asked to join our Competitive Team. Ranging in age from 10

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Hip Hop

A very popular form of dance that has a variety of influences from other dance styles. It can have a lot of sharp isolated movement and

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Special Needs

This class was developed to meet the diverse needs of students that cannot always be met in an inclusive dance class. Movement and music appreciation

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Moves & Grooves

Our exclusive boys only program. This class is made up of a lively mixture of Hip Hop, Jazz and introductory Breakdance. Preschool is offered to

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Musical Theatre

A very theatrical style that encompasses singing, dancing and acting. A variety of work ranging from Broadway productions and musical film titles are explored. Classes

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The oldest form of dance that celebrates the grace and elegance that is Ballet. It incorporates technically demanding movement that strengthens the core, legs arms

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With its roots in African rhythms and Celtic step dance, tap is a fun dance form that teaches physical co-ordination, musical understanding and theatrical presentation.

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A stylized form of dance that is fast paced and uses both technique based movement (Ballet and Contemporary) as well as elements of Hip Hop

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A freer form of dance that uses collision of opposites such as contraction and release as well as fall and recovery. Students must have some

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