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Mission Statement

We help our students to develop confidence, social awareness, team experience, body awareness, physical and mental discipline and emotional resilience through exploration of the art of dance.
We strive to provide a safe and supportive environment for students to find their own voice. To persevere through their failures as well as triumph in their accomplishments. We strive to celebrate achievements with each student. We are so proud to be responsible for creating this tribe of resilient, passionate, kind, caring human beings that have a positive impact on our community. Strength of character is built on goal setting and working hard to achieve them. There is value in the process as what they learn along the way is just as important as achieving the goal itself.


Nurturing students on a journey of self discovery through meaningful connections

Kim Enns


Kim Enns’ love of dance began in Ottawa, Ontario at the young age of 4. for many years to follow she studied Ballet, Jazz, and Tap and soon became comfortable

Emily Oliver

Ballet, Lyrical

Emily has had a passion for movement and teaching since a young age and loves sharing that passion with younger individuals.

Caralea Ayotte

Hip Hop

From a very early age Caralea knew she wanted to dance. At age 4 she was enrolled in her first dance class where she developed a love for jazz. Over the last 10 years, Caraleas

Milo Jackson

Acro, Jazz, Hip Hop, Ballet

After attending a summer dance camp with Akimbo, Milo started his journey of dance training at the age of 3 with a Jazz/Tap Combo class. He took a little break and enrolled in Ballet at Nuance at the age of 5. 

Hannah Christiansen

Hip Hop

Hannah started dancing at the young age of 5 at Akimbo Dance Studios. She started in Ballet but soon fell in love with all genres of dance, especially hip hop.

Vanessa Woulfe

Contemporary, Hip Hop

Vanessa Woulfe is an artist and teacher hailing from Toronto, where she trained and worked as a professional dancer and educator..

Tracy Dorée

Special Needs, Ballet

Tracy fell in love with dance at the age of 3 when she saw her first live professional Ballet and started taking classes with Michael Meakin at the Meakin School

Bonnie Cleland

Musical Theatre, Tap, Acro, Jazz, Conditioning

With 11 years experience as a competitive dancer, Bonnie Cleland is trained in Tap, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Ballet and Lyrical. 

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