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We help our students to develop confidence, social awareness, team experience, body awareness, physical and mental discipline and emotional resilience through exploration of the art of dance.
We strive to provide a safe and supportive environment for students to find their own voice. To persevere through their failures as well as triumph in their accomplishments. We strive to celebrate achievements with each student. We are so proud to be responsible for creating this tribe of resilient, passionate, kind, caring human beings that have a positive impact on our community. Strength of character is built on goal setting and working hard to achieve them. There is value in the process as what they learn along the way is just as important as achieving the goal itself.



Kim Enns

Kim Enns’ love of dance began in Ottawa, Ontario at the young age of 4. for many years to follow she studied Ballet, Jazz, and Tap and soon became comfortable

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Sheena Schmaltz

Jazz, Musical Theatre, Tap

Sheena began dancing at the tender age of 3. Studying Ballet until the age of 6, she then added Tap to her repertoire. Completing exams and showing signs of natural


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Tracy Dorée

Special Needs, Ballet

Tracy fell in love with dance at the age of 3 when she saw her first live professional Ballet and started taking classes with Michael Meakin at the Meakin School

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Dela Coutts

Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical

From an early age Dela Coutts studied all styles of dance in her home town of, Kamloops.  After festivals and competition and receiving recognition for her work, Dela, went on to pursue

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Bonnie Cleland

Musical Theatre, Tap, Jazz

With 11 years experience as a competitive dancer, Bonnie Cleland is trained in Tap, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Ballet and Lyrical. Her passion for dance is contagious and her technical expertise is invaluable


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Nicola Corea


Nicola Corea has been dancing since the age of 3. Starting out in Ballet, she quickly became drawn to other styles including Jazz, Tap and Musical Theatre. Nicola began competing in


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Charese Weatherbee

Hip Hop

Charese W. Has always had a musical inclination, beginning as a musician, rhythm and beat already imbued in her passions. Among her accomplishments, she has performed and choreographed numerous routines


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